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Volkmann UK is a subsidiary of their German parent company who manufacture a range of vacuum conveying equipment to suit the individual clients needs with tailored solutions. Suppling into pharmaceutical, chemical, food, plastics and many other industries which require bulk material handling equipment.

Vacuum conveying offers a dust free and clean method of conveying materials from the point of intake to downstream process equipment such as mixers, packaging equipment, tablet presses, mills, dryers, reactors, bins, etc.

Systems can be supplier with WIP, CIP, weighing and dosing systems, ATEX, INEX, clean room applications, etc and typically convey short runs up to applications that require runs of 40 metres with heights up to 20 metres.

Products typically conveyed include powders, granules, tablets, capsules, metal powders, plastics, caps, wood chips, nuts, dried pet foods, coffee, the list is endless.

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